About Us

We are a group of modelers. We like to do things our way, and the (often) exotic scope of our interests results in the market's inability to meet our expectations. We decided to go ahead with our own ideas as skill and available technology permit.  At some point a thought came to our minds "Hey, maybe there are more freaks out there?" – at this point comes Shelf Oddity, stage right.

Our detail and decal sets are usually created to fit models we build (read: have started and found out that there are deficiencies/inaccuracies/simplifications/room for improvement/details missing etc.). This helps to put some genuine effort into it. On the other hand - there may and will be some idiosyncrasies, exactly for the same reason.

If you expect easy-to-build, shake-and-bake product... well, good for you. This is not and will not be Tamiya-like easy listening lounge music. You'd rather expect some prog heavy metal.

First scope of our focus is aviation in 1/144 scale, although our 1/72 roots may come through from time to time. The emphasis is on external details comes from our observations – nobody really cares how much effort you put into creating detail that is invisible to regular viewer. But don't expect we will strictly follow any set of rules. We do what we find interesting.

Ships in 1/700 and 1/350 scales are the second area of our interest. You can expect the unexpected here.

Feel free to propose new subjects. If they suit us, we mayfollow. Just remember this is purely subjective, so don't be offended if we decline.

You can contact us by email (even@shelfoddity.com), via contact form somewhere on this website and on facebook (www.facebook.com/shelfoddity)

Note concerning production batches and delivery time:

We start slow, with limited series. This means "out of stock" can happen, and you may need to wait for next production batch. Don't be afraid though - a product is not likely to be discontinued if there is demand for it.

Most of available items are piling beneath our desk, waiting to be packed and sent. It usually takes 1-3 work days to move our bottom to post office. It may take longer if the order is complex and one of us is currently visiting Mojave or Kure. If in doubt - contact us; ok we will not be able to deliver for next week, but hey, maybe next two weeks?. We only ask for your patience. This is our secondary business, for the time being at least. And as far as we are concerned - modelling was never about speed and haste.