General Terms & Conditions

The products we offer are model-kit accessories of our design to upgrade your plastic/resin base of hobby activities.

Our products are meant to be assembled, shaped, prepared and painted by modeller. Modellers skills are essential in the process. Above-average skills are recommended. External sources of information may help you to unleash the full potential of our products.

Sets contain small, often have sharp edged parts. These are not suitable for small children. How small – you have to judge by yourself, given you are able to read this. We expect our customer to employ not only modelers skills but also common sense. In the same spirit - if you use our product to set your postal-box on fire, stab the voo-doo puppet of your mother-in-law, or shoot down spy satellites - it is all your own free will (and not our responsibility).

We keep only limited stock of products. Items with low stock status may take a while longer to deliver. We will keep you informed, and kindly ask for your patience. 

Payment is via PayPal only.
Currency is Euro (EUR).
Products are subject of copyright.

If your package appears to be incomplete or damaged – contact us.
If in doubts - contact us.*

* If your doubts are of religious/existential/etc. nature - please contact someone else.

  • Marek Targowicz
  • Author: Marek Targowicz
  • Published: 01/07/2015
  • Edited: 24/06/2020