Silk screen decal with 11 markings for French Armeè del'Air Republic F-84G Thunderjets:.

3-HA, 51-10898 of E.C. 1/3 Navarre, Reims-Champagne, 1953
3-HD, 51-10666 of E.C. 1/3 Navarre, Reims-Champagne, 1953
3-HP, 51-10809 of E.C. 1/3 Navarre, Reims-Champagne, 1953
3-VY, 51-10689 of E.C. 3/3 Ardennes, Reims-Champagne, 1953
3-NE, 50-01833 of E.C. 1/3 Navarre, Reims-Champagne, 1952
1-OH, 51-1023 of E.C. 2.1 Morvan, Saint Dizier, 1954
1-PW, 51-10895 of E.C. 3/1 Argonne, Reims-Champagne, 1954
33-DO, 51-10670 of E.C. 2/33 Savoie, Cognac, 1955
11-RS, 51-10975 of E.C. 1/11 Roussillon, Luxeuil, 1953
11-SX, 51-10978 of E.C. 2/11 Vosges, Luxeuil, 1955
11-TX, 52-3023 of E.C. 1/3 Jura, Luxeuil, 1955

This set is based upon F-84G 1/144 scale Miniwing model kit and contains 3 complete sets of markings.

Sheets sizes:

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F-84G Thunderjet Armeè del'Air

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