Silk screen decals for fifteen MiG-15s in various versions (MiG-15bis, S-102, Lim-1, Lim-2) used by Polish AF.

- MiG-15, s/n.0310, tactical no.4, 1.PLM (1st Fighter Squadron), Babice 1951
- MiG-15bis, s/n.134015, tactical no.415, 41.PLM (41st Fighter Squadron), Malbork.
  Crash-landed by Lt Zdzisław Jaźwiński at Almegards Barracks, Rønne, Bornholm, Denmark 20.05.1953.
- MiG-15bis, s/n.133068, tactical no.3068, 62.PSz-T (62nd Training Squadron), Poznań-Krzesiny 1956
- S-102, s/n.231877, tactical no.77, 3.PLM (3rd Fighter Squadron), Wrocław, early 1950s
- Lim-1, s/n.1A-02003, tactical no.8, 34.PLM MW (34th Naval Fighter Squadron), Gdynia, Babie Doły 04.1953
- Lim-1, s/n.1A-07056, tactical no.16, 30.PLSz MW (30th Naval Attack Squadron), Siemirowice 1960
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-01012, tactical no.112, 10.PLM (10th Fighter Squadron), Łask 1960s
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-00314, tactical no.314, 59.PSz-B OSL (59th Training-Attack Squadron), Biała Podlaska Aviation School.
  Shown during exercises at Wysokie Mazowieckie airfield, late 1960s.
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-00612, tactical no.612, 21.SPLR (21st Independent Reconnaissance Squadron), Sochaczew 1962
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-00806, tactical no.806, 21.SPLR (21st Independent Reconnaissance Squadron), Sochaczew 1960s
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-00815, tactical no.815, 10.PLM OPK (10th Fighter Air Defence Squadron), Łask, late 1960s
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-01012, tactical no.1012, 1.PLM (1st Fighter Squadron), Babice 1956. Personal aircraft of cpt. Ryszard Grundmann.
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-01214, tactical no.1214, 45.PLM (45th Fighter Squadron), Babimost 1961. Shown during field exercises, mid 1960s.
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-01306, tactical no.1306, 31.PLM (31st Fighter Squadron), Łask. Shown during air parade at Warsaw Bemowo 1959.
- Lim-2, s/n.1B-01617, tactical no.1617, 29.PLM (29th Fighter Squadron), Orneta, early 1970s

Set includes complete markings for five models and was designed to fit Eduard kits.

Decal sheet sizes:
- 60x50 mm
- 50x40 mm

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Polish AF MiG-15s (S-102, Lim-1, Lim-2)

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